What is "l'Echeveau Solidaire"

What is the purpose of the supportive skein ?

Create a huge movement through the knitting community, to raise money for medical research. It's a success : 2018 planning has been booked really quickly !


Knitting designers accepted the challenge and give the proceeds of a pattern for a month, to the the MASFD charity.


Dyers also give you a way to participate to te challenge when you buy in their store. You will have the possibility to knit project that are 100% supportive Skein friendly, from pattern to yarn.


Generous sponsors offer many presents for lotteries and KALs. If you want to participate as a sponsor, don't hesitate to contact us.

Money, but what for ?

The first action in the medical field needs at least 40K€. With that amount, the charity could hire an assistant to help a scientist who is working on finding a cure to Fibrous Dysplasia

How long the designers participate with a pattern ?

The duration of the donation is at least a month, to maintain a relay between the designers. That way, patterns will be available all year long.Some designers decided to lengthen this period, and some gave the pattern to the charity.

Want to help but you don't knit ?

You can do a donation to the MASFD charity. On the donation form you can choose a fund in which you can make a donation. you can choose "Je donne dans le cadre de L'Echeveau Solidaire". That way, I'll count your donation in the total tased by the supportive skein challenge.


Watch our videos on The Banyan Tree's youtube channel to know more about the challenge..

Knitting God Mothers ?

Few knitters accepted to be nominated as a GodMother for the project. Their goal is to communicate about the challenge and spread the world about the Supportive Skein. This is a voluntary work and they don't receive anything in exchange.

Concretely, what will happen ?

Every day of each month, you will be informed on the website, Instagram and Facebook about the patterns that will participate by donating for a month. The patterns will be sold on ravelry, most of the time in the designer ravelry store. When the donation period will be over, the designer will make a donation to MASFD charity.

What is the duration of the challenge ?

The challenge will run until december 2018. Based on the success of the first edition, it's possible that a second edition occurs.

MASFD charity ?

The supportive skein is an operation launched but the charity MASFD « Fight fibrous dysplasia and Mc Cune Albright Syndrome».
This charity has been created recently, to help raising money to find cure to fibrous dysplasia. The money raised by the supportive Skein will be given totally to medical research.

Where do I find the patterns?

Most of the time, the designer sells herself the pattern in her ravelry store.In some particular cases, the rare store of the challenge called EcheveauSolidaire will sell patterns occasionally.

Ravelry forum ?

A thread is created on the Ravelry forum with the name of the challengers of the month. If you want to organise a KAL for one of the pattern, you can use this forum if you want to.

Awareness Wednesday

Every Wednesday, a post will be done on instagram and facebook to share a bit about fibrous dysplasia, Mc Cune Albright Syndrome and people who has this disease. Follow te hashtag #awarenesswednesday or #mercredisensibilisation if you don't want to miss anything !

Want to participate ?

The supportive Skein chalenge always need people to support us. If you are a designer, dyer, sponsor, or have an idea to share
Contact us !


Use this hashtag to show your knitting projects : #echeveausolidaire

You have a question ?

Contact us !

Thanks !

Let's make of this knitting world a place for kindness